--the only way to nowhere-- 


Vomir / Nascitari "SAMENESS" 2015
Preview: https://www.youtube.com/
Split tape C60 | order on http://angstrecords.blogspot.it/

D|E|F 110111101111 SOLD|OUT
Digital Static Noise Audio-visual project, 12 Noise gerator
Dialtone Aggressor #1 zine/w CD-r 

V/A interview zine+Cdr on: 

funeral noise wall & filthy magnetic sound

Nascitari Tape C20 out on Nahàsh Atrym Production:

  "La morte abusava di me fin da quando ero piccolo"

cdr release on: Muzikaal Kabaal
two tracks of Funeral Noise Wall
review: musiquemachine.com/reviews

"Disturbi elettromagnetici legati alla presenza di dio nella corrente elettrica" 
(scorze records):

all info hereScorzeRecords

"I bless every form of human Nullification"
(dead audio tapes):
Nascitari tape release_60 minutes of pure tragedy_a monument of corpses

"Noi eravamo come voi, Voi sarete come noi"
(Claustrophilia Records):

Italian review on: Sodapop.it
Now in free download on: HNW Graveyard

"La morte è il principio"
(Victimology Records):
 "The death is the pricipal" cdr+sticker
reincarnation=die twice

"Sepolcro Saturo"
(Sweet Solitude Records):
40.08 min of Pure Funeral Wall

(Smell the Stench):
Nascitari "Tanatoxina" Harsh Suicidal Noise Wall ispired by 
"The Serpent's Egg" (Ingmar Bergman)
Wall that increases the desire to kill yourself


(Slow Death Records):
Nascitari rapresentetion of the mythical creature Cariddi
into Harsh Noise Wall 

Irritant Series  
(Toxic Industries)

 contact with my corpse: nascitari@gmail.com